Helicopters International, LLC has teamed up with Niki Rotor Aviation to bring the newest, most extraordinary autogyro in the world to market. The autogyro is now available for sale in North and South America through the exclusive distribution center of Helicopters International, LLC.


This brand new product is built to impress with its characteristics, innovative design and ease of use. Nothing makes flying as much fun as Lightning. Welcome aboard. Let's ride the Lightning.

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Lightning Powered by Rotax

Due to the enormous demand for a Rotax engine in the Lightning, Niki Rotor Aviation has decided it is necessary to make the conversion to meet our customers’ needs. We are finalizing the tests of the redesigned Lightning powered by a Rotax 912. Stay tuned as we unveil the latest modifications.


Helicopters International, LLC is now a proud distributor of Gyro-Tech Carbon Blades. We now supply the demand for beautiful, extremely rigid blades made entirely of carbon fiber. Our distributorship center located in Orlando, Florida is the main hub for shipping and assembly of the Gyro-Tech rotor heads. We can ship to any point of North and South America. You can inquire about the products we supply through the Contact tab of our website. You will find more information about the blades, Hub Bars, and complete rotor disks under the Products tab.

News: On 4/16/2015, at 12:00pm Durability Tests of Gyro-Tech Composite Blades took place at the Aviation Institute in Warsaw. The result exceeded our expectations. The testing machine was not able to break our blades. Only some fastening bolts broke at the excruciating force of 32 tons. We are proud of our product, which meet the highest safety requirements.

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